Thursday, May 18, 2006

Celebration day

Big adventure today. Went into school with mamma's boy to be with the year 11's on their last proper day at school. It was nice to be in and see everyone. It's always a boost to one's ego when the kids ask 'when will you be back Miss?' and then they say how much they miss you. Mamma's boy did well and got cuddles from two nice ladies while I enjoyed the assembly. Then a quiet feed in an office in the library and then quick visit with my friends in my dept.
B. has a lunch time club every other Thursday. The Bistro club. A small group of pupils (it rotates termly) come along with a small amount of money and they get to make a quick and healthy two course lunch. Then they sit down with proper plates and cutlery, eat together and discuss food and other things. Today they had salad nicoise, a carrot salad and some sort of fruit and creme fraiche pudding. All very civilized. They invited me to stay, but I decided to head back home. So instead I ended up having a diet c. and a packet of crisps on the way home. Silly me.

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