Thursday, February 09, 2006

last year 11 GCSE practical

Year 11's last practical, their final 'product'. Not quality stuff, but as expected. But they enjoyed themselves, behaved, cleaned up after themselves and actually seemed focused on trying to complete their coursework. Next week is a half term break and then we've only three weeks to finish their GCSE coursework before I go off on maternity leave. There may be a few C's out of the group, but most will get D, no matter how much I worked for it.
I woke up this morning full of energy, so I made a batch of apple and raisin muffins for our lunch boxes, egg mayo sarnies and a couple of bacon butties for breakfast. Got home and couldn't face Pizza night, after seeing so many heavy gooey pizzas at school, so just boiled up new potatoes, savoy cabbage and pan fried a couple of pork chops for hubby and me. Simple but perfect.

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