Saturday, November 19, 2005

a small tribute to A

During the summer holiday, up in Scotland, I met a wonderful woman. I have blogged about her before and called her A. Lovely lady and we got to be good friends pretty quickly. What I liked about A. was her positive nature and gusto for life. Well, A. passed away this morning, in her sleep at the age of 91. Even though I only knew her for a short time, she will always stay with me as an example of how to live a life, and as a friend. She will be missed.

A hectic week at school, but pretty successful overall. This particular group were very ambitious with the ole' gingerbread recipe. There were plans to make castles and houses within houses and models of piglet amongst other things. The group are lovely and lively and quite capable, but they tend to hold a lot of self-doubt that only seems to come out if a child is very aware of things. So the practical did not go as they planned, but it was still enjoyable. And they probably learned more about how things work, than if it had all gone to plan.

At home, things are going well, but I'm still not cooking as much as I did before I became preggie. Though I am most definitely eating more these last few weeks. I don't know if I believe in cravings, let's call it thematic based eating. Much like my pie obsession. Orange juice, sour jelly candies, well prepared sarnies and salads. Not so terrible really. The girl (devout label reading veggie) and I have just discovered some very interesting non-gelatine jelly type sweets. All natural flavourings and colours, including beetroot and red cabbage and milk yogurt powder, coated in bee's wax. They are very nice. But not sour enough for me.

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