Monday, September 26, 2005

The Swan

We went on an adventure this weekend. My nephew's wedding up in the Lake District. It took us six and a half hours to go 250 miles. Traffic was officially gnarly, but we didn't mind. While we crept forward at 10 miles an hour, we broke out the pork pies, corn chips and Minsterels (lovely chocolate morsels for the non-British out there). Traveling is for junk food, don't you think? The whole family had to travel to get there, but you know, it was worth it. The wedding and reception was held at the Swan Hotel in Newby Bridge.
The food was traditional, but perfectly served. Gravalax to start. Roast lamb with roasted potatoes, new potatoes, carrots and cauliflower in a white sauce. This was followed by strawberries and cream in a tulle basket. The lamb was the best I've ever had. And, as I'm coming out of those first months of illness and starting feel a bit more robust, it was pure pleasure to eat.
When I was pregnant with The Girl, I don't recall having any cravings, probably because I was working in a restaurant and could have anything I fancied. But this time around, I most definitely have developed a deeper love and fascination for all things patisserie, baked potatoes are my friend, as are Morton Bay Pork Pies. Mmmmm.
Yes, I've started to walk to work again. I'm going to try to only get as large as a small bungalow, not a four story Victorian semi-detached.
Work is starting to settle down a bit and I may inform them of my heightened state of vesselhood.