Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Oh Well

I guess the cosmic way of things, unhappy times are necessary. As I've been saying, things haven't been going too well. But tonight I've decided to draw a line under things. I've made my picture, I've emailed my friends, I've hashed it out with reasonable souls at work and now I'm tired of it. I mean, I came home tonight, feeling all sorry for myself and then I started listening to a program on BBC Radio 4 about these folks that live on a rubbish heap, quite literally and make their lively hoods (not a good phrase for it me thinks) about of said rubbish. How awful and who the hell am I?
I want to get back to cooking, family and thinking about future baby. Happiness is in the simple things and how we want to perceive them, don't you think?
So, come on Autumn and Apples and Berries and Candy Corn and Dark Nights and Eels (my tutor group boys go fishing for them along the Bristol Harbour) and Fires (coal and bon) and , and well, you know what I mean.

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