Saturday, September 03, 2005

Good Reasons

When I set up this blog, I had a plan. The site was to be positive, about food and have photies. Now in the cosmic scheme of things, sometimes very positive things can make one very uncomfortable and unhappy, and can even (dare I say it?) make one go off one's food. But I'm in a new stage of things and feel a bit more comfortable and able to share.
I've got a bun in the oven! Which is very happy news for the family indeed and something that we've been prepping for for ages. But this bun has made me very sickly and tired over the last six weeks. I found out if was in there three days after my parents arrived in Scotland (I haven't told them yet).
One of the most disturbing things is that I can no longer drink caffeinated products. Not through choice, though I know I'm being a good healthy girl, but I just can't bare tea or coffee anymore. And me during withdrawal is not a pretty sight I can tell you. So it's filtered water now. Bummer.
Started back to school Thursday, and I do feel much better for it too. I'm not going to tell them for another couple of weeks and the kids will just have to figure it out as I get disturbingly larger.
My interest in food is starting to come back, thank goodness. I made banana bread the other day. I used the recipe in Nigella Lawson's How to be a Domestic Goddess. It was fabulous.

And this morning I'm going to make some proper American breakfast biscuits to go with our Saturday eggs. Yummy.
So, you all are the first one's to know, except for one girlfriend who took one look at me and figured it out, but I'll try not to bore you too much with the day to day detail. I've been through it before, so the novelty factor is not so strong this time.
For those of you out there that have gone through this: you know that list of foods that they tell you to avoid because there may be a health risk? Why is it that I suddenly want prawns and liver when I would never even consider them before?

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Joe said...

Congrats with the "bun!" in the oven! Nice Bread too!