Sunday, August 21, 2005

Food not a focus

No, I haven't lost interest in my food blog. It's just that this last month has been about family and other things. So, food has taken a back seat. It hasn't been very comfortable for me, but we are getting back to our natural routine. We're back on the menu, and feel better for it. It's very easy to eat unhealthily when one is on holiday in Scotland. Crisps, meat pies, chips, cakes, pop. Now we are back to a house full of fruit and vegetables, no bad-for-you snacks available.
And I haven't taken many food photos. With constant stream of family around, many found it odd, my pictures of jam boiling. They don't know about the blog you see. Not that it is a secret, but, I'm sure many of you know what I mean.

So, today I'm going to make a Sunday roast (I need more iron in my diet) with Yorkshire puddings and lots of veggies. Something special for The Girl, but don't know what yet....hmmmm.

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