Thursday, July 14, 2005

Too hot to cook

I'm having trouble sticking to the cosmic menu as it is so hot that, even for me, the thought of turning on the oven is an affront. I tried to take a picture of my hot weather version of pizza, but the camera over heated believe it or not and crashed. The food had to be eaten or the mozzarella would have congealed. I made hummous to go with some raw veggies. I have decided that using all olive oil is just no good. It over powers everything else. So, a bit of olive oil, the rest plain ole' veggie oil. It was nice, even the Girl ate it, and she is suspicious of bean spreads.
I spent the day today going to visit pupils at their work experience and then taking a trip to Clifton Village to buy a leaving pressie from the staff for my friend, the textiles teacher. She has been at the school for 27 years, not leaving to retire, but to take on a promotion at another school. So there.
But food wise the important bit is I had the most perfect individual steak pie ever. I've never seen or tasted pastry like in my life. And the filling was perfect. No pictures, I was too greedy. I will have to go out of my way again to purchase the tremendous fare.

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