Friday, June 24, 2005

Eggs and Tea

I like cooking breakfast for my family on the weekends. It makes me feel like an old fashioned Mama looking after everyone properly. BUT! I don't enjoy cooking eggs as I'm not very good at it. Especially their favourite, which is soft boiled with toast soldiers.

When I was working in the restaurants, it was the one thing I never mastered as an everyday skill. And I really wanted to. The cooks that I have a lot of respect for are the short order cooks in diners. Working in front of the customers, often not saying a word, everything done at the same speed and neatly, and (well, at least at the diners I went to) done well. Earl, who I worked with at one restaurant, had a night job in a diner. He tried to teach me the skill and flair, but it was not to be.

Soft boiled eggs are challenging because it is all about precise timing. And it is difficult to figure things in such as the temperature of the eggs when they go in (I put mine in the fridge, because I have no room for them out on the counter) and how many eggs one is dropping in the pot of boiling water. And planning the time it takes to get the other two to get downstairs and at the table so that when they lop the top off of the eggs, they still have a runny yolk.

This particular Saturday morning, we did not have any bread in the house, so I made a batch of quick, pitta breads, which turned out to be a bit too dense for my liking. So, I spend the morning fretting about getting it right and worrying about the detail, and not feeling too pleased about it all.

But the other two, well, they don't see it from my eyes do they? They love it. The Girl requested the Mosquito fighter plane egg cup, so her Dad got the Lancaster. We listened to Jonathan Ross on Radio 2 playing his beloved David Bowie songs (unbearable), but still, making us laugh. Drank lots of tea, read the paper. Oh, and they liked the bread too.

And so, to end, while it was not the perfect epicurean breakfast, everyone ate it and enjoyed the morning. Thus it becomes my entry in the Is My Blog Burning? Egg collection.


Stephanie said...

Wow - that is a runny yolk! I always thought of soft-boiled as a wet but gelled yolk... thanks for expanding my thinking! :)

eat stuff said...

Looks good to me :) I like my eggs like this too...

I used to fret about my eggs (well when my partner made them for me anyway as he gets alittle distracted) So I bought him an eggtimer that is shaped like an egg and sits in the water and it chages colour as the eggs cook. It works perfectly and I get perfect eggs every time! ( I might just use it too )

FoodNinja said...

I used to get surved this on sundays by my mom when I was a kid. Thanks for bringing back memories that rock..