Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Whoa...There is a lot of us out there.

I'm just starting to realize how many bloggers there possibly are out there. What are the chances of someone reading mine? Is it statistically like getting hit by lightening? Now, if I was a half full type of person, that would mean I could write anything I wanted to and it really wouldn't matter. If I'm in a half empty sort of mood, it would mean that it really wouldn't matter what I wrote. Does that make sense? No pressure then I guess.

While not thinking about and doing lots of work today (good thing they pay me, I can tell you), I've been thinking about this blog and how it should go. I won't do the usual listing of all the possibilities for you. We've all thought about it, haven't we? How will this thing represent me and my personality? I shall set no parametres.

Last week I went for an interview at another school. An opportunity for promotion and more money. I didn't get the job, but am not that bothered. What did bother me and still does, is one of the last questions that the head teacher asked me. I dwell. He asked me the following, "If I gave you money right now, and you had to spend it on a cd, only one, what would you buy?" I'm thinking to myself what the heck does he mean? My immediate thought was that he was thinking about the current popular i-pod question that has been asked of Bush and Blair and others. So I say that to him, "If you want to be really modern you'd ask me what's on my i-Pod." He said I was stalling. I said no I wasn't, then I stopped to think of the right answer. I don't buy music you see. I occasionally download a song, but my husband buys tons of stuff, and it is very agreeable. He even makes for me monthly mixes for said i-Pod for when I walk to school. In the old days, when we were courting in the early nineties, he used to send me tape cassette mixes from Scotland. Deep meaningful, really thought out stuff. Just like in High Fidelity, but he did it before the book. Very romantic he is. Anyhoo, I was thinking, well what on my i-Pod am I listening to will fit the bill? I quickly look around me at collective age of assembled interviewers (why does it take three people to interview someone? Can't they just write the questions on a post card?) and take a stab at it, I say, "Well, I'm listening to a lot of R&B, Sam Cooke and all that, but I'm also a big fan of the Flaming Lips. Then I make a throw away comment about the fact that hubbie has put too much Bob Dylan on there and it ruins the randomness of random play. They all shook their head in a positive way, but didn't say much, just o.k. and wrote a few notes. I spent the next couple of days thinking about the question and possible meaning. What could they find out about me with this question? I didn't make the music, so that doesn't really represent my personality. And it's not the only music that I listen to. How dare they limit me in that way? I really have a suspicion that that question was my downfall.

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