Tuesday, July 31, 2012

summer menu

Just getting into the summer groove now.  It takes me a while. The Girl and I have been occasionally running and climbing trees. I'm quite proud of myself, I actually got in the tree. I leave the death defying heights to The Girl. We've experimented with running barefoot and loved it. 
For 8 weeks I've been on Weight Watchers online and it's been terrific.  Lost 11lbs so far and am really chuffed.  I doubt I will loose more than a 1lb a week during the holidays as I'm not working (constantly moving as it were), but I'm ok with that. 
I've been making lots of lovely soups (spinach pictured). Lordy, I do love soup. 
Going to London for a couple of days tomorrow. No, no tickets. We are going to see old friends and family, really looking forward to it.
Later in the month we are going to Scotland as is our want. This time we are travelling over to Tiree. A ferry ride to a lovely island of beaches and sunshine and windiness. (no hills or trees though) We are going to hire bikes and run and play on the beaches. Oh Yes!

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