Sunday, June 05, 2011

magic realism can happen...

For these last 5 months I've been following a low carb diet. And I've lost 19lbs. I was going to say 20lbs because I like even numbers and it sounds better, but it's not the truth. I've also been reading lots and lots of blogs and wondering if this is the right thing to do. It all seems too magical really. Eating bacon and eggs in the morning, not eating wheat or sugar products and *poof* the weight comes off. But that's not the whole picture. I've also been weighing myself on the Wii fit every morning, doing yoga afterwards, walking to and from work (until we bought a car in April) and enjoying Just Dance. And I do eat vegetables and salad. A lot of these low carb gurus post their meals and they seem to eat only meat and butter, and a lot of it.
I feel really good physically and in control. But one wonders about the long term truths of low carb dieting. CarbSane has been doing a lot of questioning too and it's been helpful to read her posts. A lot of people comment on their belly fat that wont shift. Also a LOT of them don't get to an ideal weight. They loose weight, but only so much. And, while I'm as vain as the next person, the reason I started this was to get healthier, not worry about becoming diabetic and not have aching hips and knees. How big your tummy is a definite health marker.
I want to get into the wii fit ideal bmi range and have a smaller tummy. So I've decided to move more to a 'balanced' diet. Reducing my fat intake, putting a few more carbs in there and increasing exercise (especially as I'm driving to work now). So this morning I had a poached egg on a slice of toast and half of my son's apple.
I'm quite convinced that my weight will stay the same or go up these next few weeks while I adjust what I eat. I've just got to keep logical about this and think long term.
Meanwhile I did finally go out and buy work trousers that fit and don't have to be safety pinned into place!

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Riyaad Ali said...

Great blog! Found you from the Chef's Blog Directory.

I've never experimented with low-carb diets (and don't produce them often in the restaurant) but from what I've seen in friends the side effects can be pretty severe. This includes crashing at different points in the day, muscle aches and actual weight gain. I'm sure it works for some people, but I'm sure it's a balancing act.