Saturday, May 07, 2011

It's all about the..

Birds. Robins have set up a nest in the outside part of the air conditioning unit for my classroom. We can't touch them of course and don't feel we can turn the thing on in case we do damage. So the room is terribly hot, but it's for a lovely reason. I made up a nut ball today and hung it nearby. Hopefully the robins get the food rather than the GIANT seagulls that feed off of the pupils' scraps.

Prom. Well not really, but that's the fun/stressful bit of my brain. It's coming up this month. I've got the dress and the shoes. I've been walking around the house in the heels, getting used to them so I don't look like some old lady hobbling onto the dance floor. I'm going to have to alter the dress because it's too big. (big grin) and if I ruin it...well that's what credit cards are for!

Car. Lovin' the new car. Instant freedom and expansion of time and possibilities. We've made mental lists of all of the places we are going to go. But it was great to be able to get The Girl to orchestra practice in the pouring rain.

Boy. He's not been feeling well and he's all quiet and not eating very much. It's bothered me so much I've bought in sugary treats and chocolate. He's not interested. Hope this changes soon.

Diet. I have been reading a lot today. About exercise and how it doesn't really help with weight loss. And through personal experience I know it's true. I've spent the week dancing and doing more muscle work rather than yoga on the wii fit in the mornings. And I know I've overdone it. But I was concerned about making up the difference from not walking to and from school.
And I like to dance.

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Anonymous said...

Exercise will help, even if it only improves your mood!