Friday, August 28, 2009

eating well is avengement

Ah, I love a cheap posh meal. Don't you? For brunch this morning: homemade potato cakes, poached eggs and fresh green beans with loads of butter, salt and pepper. Even better knowing that with my clever marked down purchases it was a real bargain. 4 eggs 54p, 4 potatoes 35p, and green beans 18p = £1.07 . Am feeling smug. I am a bit like the dad in Everyone Hates Chris, doing the costings as I sit around the table watching people eat, then bothering them with the details.

Poached Eggs. My Grandma M. used to poach an egg every morning for Grandpa. She always had a small pan boiling at top speed and just dropped it in. And it worked. How??? I have to put the salt and bit of vinegar in the shallow, slow simmering water. I crack the egg into a small tea cup, spin the water ever so gently and slip that egg into the water...then hope. I also have to change the water for the 4th egg. Not one of those meals that we all sit down at the same time for. Restaurants, for those of you who may be wondering, do them ahead of time and re-dip them in hot water to order. I never volunteered for that job.

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