Sunday, July 26, 2009

summer time

School's out.

Mamma's boy has planted himself firmly between me and the fridge. He's turned a corner with the toddler fussy eating. Though he still is pretending to be vegetarian. This evening he helped himself to a whole carrot, crackers, chunks of tofu, spoons of peanut butter and chocolate spread and then he managed to eat his supper of veggie stirfry noodles.
Looking forward to our holiday with my brother in Germany. It will be like visiting two places for the price of one. He's in the Air Force and the base is supposedly like little America. How many weird foods will I be able to consume in a week? Can't wait!
Other than that, this summer's focus is going to be on... oh, wait a minute, it's going to be the same as last summer. DIY, painting, walking, trying to buy the best food for the cheapest price. Lidl's is my new favourite shop.
Will try to post more artistically worthy posts soon.

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