Sunday, July 06, 2008

potato harvest

When I put them in, I had no idea how many potatoes I would get out of my seeders (?). I would just like to say, well impressed. This is the second batch (there in the middle of the kids in the green bucket) and that's just from one and half plants. And I think they will produce more. And they are wonderful. I highly recommend growing potatoes. Not difficult and very satisfying.

Other than the harvest, the Girl and I have decided to not do anymore hobby-like activities until the loft conversion is done. This moratorium may get extended until Mamma's Boy potty trains himself. The work stoppage immediately put us all at ease and we felt much calmer about the changes happening to the house.

I get to go to an amusement park this week!! School trip with my year 8's. I CANNOT WAIT. I even bought a new raincoat, just in case. Nothing is going to stop me getting on those rides.

Oh, and yes that is bamboo behind the Girl. She calls it the zombie bamboo. It's come back and it's wonderful. I didn't dig up the roots and put loads of compost over it and the rest it did itself.

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Anonymous said...

Is the sunflower the flower of the summer or the flower of our youth?