Sunday, May 20, 2007

show and tell

It all started yesterday. Went to IKEA (man! they are going to have a lot to answer for environmentally, aren't they?) and we went all rebellious and walked the wrong direction! That's right. We went in via the check outs. Got only what we went there for (except for the extra water plant for the fish, Bob has been so neglected lately), had a coffee, shared donuts and went home. And it was O.K.
I'm sure we all have IKEA horror stories to tell, so I wont share mine.

Today, I made this bag. And I am so chuffed. I haven't been this proud since...well I don't know when. I used an online tutorial here, took apart my wrecked trousers, lined it with some checked cloth I had and went for it. I also made 4 cushion covers, gardened, and roasted a chicken and actually communicated to the other family members on a normal human level. Which hasn't been happening a lot lately. Mamma's Boy sure loves Roast dinner. mmmmm. The Hubby and The Girl were brilliant and had a brilliantly busy day too. Come on summer holidays I say.

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