Friday, June 16, 2006

So Soon?

I've been winding myself up like a little clockwork creature these last two weeks. Getting ready to go back to work. Yippee! Right now I'm really looking forward to the challenge and am being very positive. Went shopping today for some proper clothes. The boy's first trip to the mall, he did wonderfully. Thank heavens for the cute little cubby hole in the baby changing room for us baby feeders. It was really nice to sit quietly and cuddle and chat with my boy.
I spent last week filming at the girl's school. They had a whole school project about the Vikings. It was an incredible experience. They organised themselves into families that combined all the year groups and focused on their jobs. The girl was a metal worker. Folks that live the life came in and showed the kids what it was like to be a Viking and then got the kids involved in acting out Norse legends. On the last day they had a pig roast for the kids.I spent this week editing the film and then tragedy! The hard drive failed and I can't get to it. How frustrating.
As for next week? The kids are making carrot cake, shortbread, and tiramsu. And I will be expressing in my free time (I know, too much detail). So straight into it all. Wish me luck. I have fantasies that this will be the start of the new me. The more adult, more professional and the most capable me. It could happen. Or by Monday afternoon, I could be the same sweaty stressy and messy woman that I have always been....damn.

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