Saturday, February 04, 2006

Cherry Custard Tart

No Girl(first sleep over), no milk and no bread in the house and a desire to have a nice breakfast in bed. Now, it doesn't often come together so nicely, does it? But I had a rough puff pastry in the fridge from a class demonstration the day before, a tin of cherries and about 70 mls of cream that needed using up. So I wondered if one could really wing it with custard. So I stirred in a egg yolk, some sugar and some vanilla essence and splodged it all together. It came out really well, for a first attempt, definitely one for development.
I woke up in a better mood than I've been in for awhile. Went to a slightly bizzare surprise birthday party last night. But what I found after this party was that I knew more about what I am and what I'm not and am getting more and more comfortable with that. That's alright isn't it?

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