Thursday, December 01, 2005

One Big Gulp

This morning, standing in the chilly kitchen, stirring the porridge, making my salad for lunch, and drinking the glass of orange juice in one big gulp (I just cannot sip oj), I knew that all I had to look forward to today was the food. And I was right and it was a good thing.
At the check out at the store at 8 am, I got to tell the check out lady that the flour weevil larvae is always in the flour, because they go straight through us. She was suitably grossed out.
On to the first lesson, demonstrating shortcrust pastry/jam tarts with a group that have been written off as low ability, but are lively, interested, and nice to be around. Break time and a tuna mayo on wholemeal sandwich followed by a jam tart.
A lesson that's a bit out of my comfort zone, but went well. I asked the pupils to bring in a snack such as lunchables, crisps, or similar. Than they work out issues, history and future, and then they got to eat it. One clever kiddy brought in a really ole' stylie packet of candy ciggies (they call they confectionery sticks but still look like French unfiltered ciggies) and we got an interesting discussion out of that.
Lunch, the salad and fruit and company. Afterwards, a very successful and varied sweet practical with my GCSE group.
And then, I get home to find the hubby making supper for me. A veggie pie and roasted potatoes. It was really good, but what was really nice about it was that he really enjoyed making it, and was quite pleased with the results. It's nice to see. He's starting to experience a different bit of the world.

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