Friday, December 16, 2005

Neon Bright Angel Delight

Another week done and dusted. Don't know who are more desperate to get out of there for the holidays, the teachers or the kids. Probably the teachers, as a lot of the kids don't have a lot to look forward to during the holidays. Just stress and dealing with the issues that the adults in their lives dredge up during this time. Many agitated kiddies out there.
The top picture is not my own work, thank goodness. A GCSE practical, the pupil's own idea. A pudding of crushed digestive biscuits with melted butter, strawberry angel delight (why does this stuff exist????) fresh strawberries on top. And then he really went for it and put on a glaze of pink icing. Truly revolting, but made for an intriguing photo.
The second photo:I took that eccles cakes knowledge that I'd gained earlier this year, put some mincemeat in and cut in a Christmasie star in the pastry.
I think I've just about run through the pastry obsession, I'll need to move on to something else soon before the baby is born. Candy making? Sausage making? The perfect veggie burger? hmmmm.

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