Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The End of the Family Holiday

My parents have gone back home now. A very interesting two weeks. The Girl absolutely adores them, which was the whole point of the trip, so they could get to know each other. Stories read (The Hobbit), games played (the Girl whooped Mom at Monopoly), movies watched (Herbie goes to Monte Carlo and a few westerns), site-seeing trips (St. Andrew's, Edinburgh, Loch Ness, Aonach Mor...) taken while they were all squashed together in the back of the car. Sweets given. Except for a few hiccups, a pretty successful trip.

Food eaten: 8 portions of fish and chips
6 burgers and chips
1 mexican night
1 Sunday roast chicken dinner for 6
8 loaves of sourdough bread
1 white pudding
veggie spaghetti bolognese (I don't think Dad realized that it was Quorn mince)
and more...
and I don't know how many blueberry pop-tarts. Dad brought them over. I managed to get 3 out of him and he gave the Girl a couple. They were great, I haven't had them in years.

One of our trips was to Blair Atholl. In the village was a water run flour mill. This was their specification hanging on the wall.

It was a Food Technology moment. Though I do have to say that I hope they really give the place a good clean before they grind stuff.

We took the parents to the train station yesterday in Fort William. Got there early, so had a drink in Morrisons to justify parking in the lot, which is just opposite the station. I picked out a choux bun the size of a cricket ball. It was filled with sweetened whipped cream and drizzled lightly with chocolate. It was absolutely wonderful. So light, not too chewy, not too crispy. I highly recommend it. The Girl's snowball however was very disappointing, heavy sponge that tasted of nothing and a smear of jam in the middle. Very little coconut flavour. So we do not recommend that.

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