Sunday, July 17, 2005

What a nice Sunday

Well, I woke up, saying to myself that I wasn't going to bake this week because of the heat. And then, for no real reason, I went for it. I baked loads! Sunday breakfast scones, two loaves of bread for this weeks sarnies, vanilla peach crisp, corn bread muffins and lemon muffins (to take to a friends' house later). And I was all done by 10:00 a.m. Yes, I'm pleased with myself and yes if there are any medals going, I'll take it. Cheeky or what?

Then we went to a friends' for a BBQ. It was terrific. Blazing sun (it's a theme, have you noticed?) and new house to explore as they have just moved in, two new kittens for the Girl to play with, and I was needed to manage the grill. I love taking that job, it's fun and I look like I know what I'm doing. Beer and lovely food and then in before sun stroke to watch the end of the golf. Terrific. I hope you all had a nice Sunday too.

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