Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Murdo's First Born

Murdo watch
Here are the first loaves from Murdo the sourdough starter. They look good, chewy/crunchy golden crust, soft white bubbly insides. My sister-in-law's oven is a beast, really hot, these loaves cooked in only 20 minutes, where at home it would have been 35. So adjustments will have to be made. The bread itself tastes pretty basic, hubby likes it, but I think it could have a more rounded flavour. I remember reading in Kitchen Confidential that they use to put all sorts of things in their starter for flavour, has anyone out there experimented? I started Murdo with French apple juice, but could not taste it in the end. Maybe a bit of hard cider. hhmmm.


Joycelyn said...

hi, how cool is that? have always wanted my very own sour dough starter but have never got round to it...murdo looks hearty and robust...cheers,j

Stephanie said...

Did you use commercial flour, or do you mill your own? I've been milling whole grain flour for a while and baking my own bread (not sourdough) and am still looking for a good recipe. Just not happy with what I've been producing.