Monday, July 04, 2005

Bakewell Tarts for the Fete'

The Girl's school had a fund raising fete' on Saturday. They asked for baked goods, so I made Bakewell Tarts. Which were lush, but I don't know how many were sold, as all the homemade cakes got pushed to the side and crappy ASDA cakes were the feature of the table. Why?? Why did I and the other parents bother? Not again. Man, I could have eaten those tarts! A tart is a terrible thing to waste.
I made the tarts with a basic shortcrust pastry of:
200 g '00' plain flour
50 g butter
50 g of white vegetable fat
25 g sugar
1/4 cup of cold water

I used homemade strawberry jam

and for the cake
1 large egg
75 g butter
50 g wholemeal flour (sieved and the remaining bran removed)
25 g cornflour
and a capfull of almond essence

I baked them for almost 20 minutes at 190*C

and then I drizzled plain icing over them.

And they were nice. mmmm. Hubby ate six of the visually flawed tarts in an afternoon, before I got home from work. So I had to have fruit with my cup of tea. Peaches are lovely right now, thank goodness.

Hope everyone is having a good 4th of July. I celebrated mine with a wordsearch of the 50 States and the technician made a red white and blue star key chain out of acrylic for me. Oh, and veggie sloppy joe's for supper.

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