Sunday, June 19, 2005

Nectar and All That

It's been a hot and sultry few days, reminding me of the summers back home.

Yesterday (Saturday), we all had a bit of a time out. The Girl spent most of the day outside in the sun, smeared with sunscreen and dirt as she was making mud cakes and such. Dad got her to take pictures of one of her favourite toy animals in the garden for a story/ film project at her school that he is organising. The tiger, Lilly, gardening and surveying everything in a Sun hat borrowed from one of the fancy 'old fashioned' dolls that granny has given her. It was all rather charming. I sat in the cool of the house and worked on my paintings.

We also celebrated Father's Day. The Girl and I didn't know what to get him, as a digital camera was out of the question after I had to spend 300 pounds on the car for the M.O.T., *sigh*. We had a wee walk to the store to recycle the plastic bottles and get milk for the coffee, when the idea came to us. We walked past the patch of clover that we all enjoy. Two weeks ago I introduced the Girl to the summer joy of sucking from the bottoms of the flower petals for the sweet nectar of the clover. She thought it was the neatest thing ever and made Dad redirect the walks home from school so that she could eat the flowers. We decided to look for clover honey and find some nice foods for lunch.

So we gathered the pale and set clover honey, thick crumpets and a lovely watermelon. What a delectable lunch and afternoon it was.

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Stephanie said...

I think we'll celebrate Father's Day with food, as well (although my son got him his own army of soldiers that he's *sure* he wants). Probably some homemade pizza and some 3.2 beer, since it's Sunday. :)