Tuesday, June 14, 2005


So it's international webloggers day. Cool. Have I contributed? You know it.
I found this area of graffiti on the way to school, in the underpass. Most of it's gone now, someone is doing their job and clearing it all. Secretly I am disappointed.
Today I had an interview to see if I could become a researching teacher involved in 'embedding' Technology in the curriculum, particularly looking to utilizing the web, blogs and wikis. I was very nervous, but I think I did o.k. I won't know until next week if I've gotten to participate. They asked how I could envision using the new web technology in terms of Food Technology and how it could be tied into other curriculum areas. I babbled of course, because there is sooo much, isn't there? History, math, actually knowing how to write.
Wow, I have to stop now, my husband has just surprised me. He taped a documentary last night about Anselm Kiefer. Wow.
I hope everyone had a good day today.

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